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    Yep, gonna have to keep scrolling. Not sure why they can't have a footy thread. It's only once a week for a few months. At least the articles may be lessened.

    Have a great Sunday yourself.

    Original comment »


    Reply from ZhoraFRG:

    They can't have a seperate footy thread, because all the indepth stuff about rugby is apparently somehow related to Russell......we're just not getting it. image image
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    Great post about the need for a rugby thread. too bad the rugby ladies will just get mad, as babzee did, thinking someone is attacking them personally. I don't know why they can't have a different thread for the game.


    Reply from ZhoraFRG:

    Hi Anne,

    thank you! I had been silent about this for far too long.
    Not that I expected to be successful. But at least Babzee didn't jump down my throat the way she did with Karen, so I guess I should consider myself lucky.

    I guess we will have to continue to overuse our scroll thingie......because they sure as hell aren't going to take their footy elsewhere.

    Have a great Sunday!
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    Hi hi hi hi...... are you doing Mate?


    Reply from ZhoraFRG:

    Hi there!

    I'm fine, thanks! And how are you?

    Ich hab jetzt zwei Tage frei und habe vor, das meiste draus zu machen. image

    Ich muss auch mal wieder mehr auf Crowe Crossing gucken und posten.....da wir ja beide auf dem deutschen Forum nicht mehr willkommen sind. image

    Gute Nacht und lass es dir gut gehen!
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    Thanks for helping out in the Yuku drawer!


    Reply from ZhoraFRG:

    You're welcome!
    I sure can't help with everything, but I'll do what I can. image
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    Thank you for visiting the James McAvoy Message Board! We hope you'll feel comfortable enough to join in. :)


    Reply from ZhoraFRG:

    Oops, guess I oughta check this space more often! image
    I'm completely new to Yuku, so you'll have to bear with me...

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm still busy reading on your board, but I'm sure that sooner or later I'll find a topic where I wanna join in the conversation.
    I just don't think I'll have the time to become a very regular poster. We'll see.

    Take care!


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